play rummy like never before,

and get a chance to meet sunny leone!

Awesome Features


classic rummy

Classic Rummy

Traditional Rummy with 13 cards where player who gets to rummy first and declares wins!
bet rummy

Bet Rummy

In this mode the player plays Classic Rummy, but during his turn can increase stakes too!
deal rummy

Deal Rummy

This is an All-In Mode! Players put aside a pot of money and play 2 rounds of rummy. Whoever has the least number of points at the end of 2 rounds takes away the POT!
pool rummy

Pool 101 Rummy

This mode is like an elimination mode. Players play classic rummy and every player who reaches 101 points is eliminated. Last player remaining on the table wins!

Meet and greet with

Sunny leone

players could win multiple autographed gifts
signed exclusively by sunny leone while
playing the game rummy with sunny

Rummy tutorial

watch this tutorial video to learn how to play rummy in just 2 minutes

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